Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Intro-The Perfect Site

Not too long ago, I found this site that has changed the way I buy my adult toys. Since I found EF, I haven't looked back at the previous site I used to buy from. Ef has a wider selection of toys to chose from, is so much easier to search and find what you're looking for, and has one thing my previous site didn't have: a rewards program for it's members. Since finding, I have bought more products reviewed more toys, and feel less embarrassed about shopping. is more than just an online store. It's a community of people just like me.

With my previous toy site, I was frustrated. They either didn't have what I was looking for, or never had it in stock. They had a wide range of products, but very little customer input about them. I also had a hard time searching for and finding either what I was looking for, or something similar. Sometimes, the "similar products" had nothing to do with what I wanted.

With EF, I am able to find not only what I am looking for, but also similar products, with reviews from people who have bought and used the product! Getting the opinions of others is always something I do for anything in my life, and this is no different. It's amazing that I can find a place where I am unembarrassed to ask questions about the product, and get other's opinions.

Another selling point for me was EF's rewards points program. There are so many ways to earn points, and those points turn into gift certificates that I can then use to buy more toys! It's really simple, and so much fun. Here's how easy it is.

I log in. There's points. I search for something specific. More points. Add that specific something to a wishlist I created. There's points for the wish list, and for adding to the wishlist. I put two items into compare, more points. It's really that simple.